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The department of the General Medicine caters provide wide range of service in its O.P.D. to the Patients for the diagnosis of diseases of all the systems like Brain, Lungs, Kidney, Muscular Skeleton system, Rheumatology, G.I.system etc. of the whole body and including AIDS,Cancer, tuberoculosis, Leprocy etc. In Indoor (I.P.D) there are 80 Beds filled up with all the Serious cases like Brain Malaria, Meningitis, Paralysis, Lever failure ,Kidney Failure, Blood Cancer, Tuberoculosis, Hypertension, Diabetis.In the department of General Medicine Some of the Special investigations are done by using Modern Equipments like : Paracentesis Abdominis,Pleural Aspiration,Lumber Puncture,Bladder Catherisation.


Sl.No Department Designation Name of the Teaching Faculty Qualification
1 General Medicine     Professor     Dr. Golak Chandra Behera MD
2     Assoc.Prof.     Dr. Sajan Ku. Agarwalla MD
3     Assoc.Prof.     Dr. Bharat Kumar Kakad MD
4     Assoc. Prof     Dr. Pramod Kumar Dash MD
5     Asst. Prof     Dr. Sraban Kumar Pradhan MD
6     Asst. Prof     Dr. Tarakeswar Aich MD
7     Asst. Prof     Dr. Sradhanand Mohapatra MD
8     Asst. Prof.     Dr. Nimain Charan Patel MD
9     Asst. Prof.     Dr. Anant Kumar Sinha MD
10     Asst. Prof.     Dr. Chandan Bansal MD
11     Asst. Prof.     Dr. S. Keshab Rao Prusty MD
12     Sr.Resident     Dr. Divya Mohindru MD
13     Sr.Resident     Dr. Anuradha Mohapatra DNB
14     Sr.Resident     Dr. Sunil Agarwal DNB
15     Sr.Resident     Dr. Biswajit Sahu DNB
16     Sr.Resident     Dr. C. N. Ray MBBS
17     Jr. Resident     Dr. Satya Bhusan Rout MBBS
18     Jr. Resident     Dr. Suryakanta Sahoo MBBS
19     Jr. Resident     Dr. Samar Pratim Nayak MBBS
20     Jr. Resident     Dr. Debasish Mohanty MBBS
21     Jr. Resident     Dr. Deepak Rashmi Kadam MBBS
22     Jr. Resident     Dr. Deepak Padhi MBBS
23     Jr. Resident     Dr. Dashrath Nag MBBS
24     Jr. Resident     Dr. Satyajit Nihar Singh MBBS

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Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness.

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