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The department of Anesthesiology provides clinical anesthesia services to all surgical specialties at Hi-tech Hospital. Anesthesiologists are actively involved in the management of patients in post-operative wards, intensive care units, emergency room, trauma centre, outpatient anesthesia service. Management of acute and chronic pain is also undertaken.


The Anesthesiology department has adequate facilities for undergraduate studies.


Sl.No Department Designation Name of the Teaching Faculty Qualification
1 Anaesthesiology     Professor     Dr. Anjana Sen MD
2     Assoc. Prof.     Dr. Sanjay Kumar Verma MD
3     Assoc. Prof     Dr. Priti Patra MD
4     Asst. Prof     Dr. Santosh Ku. Agarwal MD
5     Asst. Prof     Dr. Rabindra Kumar Singh MD
6     Asst. Prof     Dr. Dhruti Prasad Parida MD
7     Asst. Prof     Dr. Sadasiv Swain MD
8     Sr. Resident     Dr. Arindam Ghosh MD
9     Sr. Resident     Dr. Raktim Guha MD
10     Sr. Resident     Dr. Shilpi Yadav DNB
11     Jr. Resident     Dr. Maitree Parida MBBS
12     Jr. Resident     Dr. Jhanja Mohapatra MBBS
13     Jr. Resident     Dr. Krushna Ali Khan MBBS
14     Jr. Resident     Dr. Pratyaush Kumar Mohanty MBBS

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