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 Hi-tech Hospital is distinguished by the services of highly qualified Senior Consultant Surgeons. They are well supported by the Resident Doctors and professors to take care of the patients requiring any surgical intervention. The service of General Surgeons and Laparoscopic are also available Round-the-clock to attend any emergencies.
The department of surgery has two surgical unit headed by an experienced professor & another by an associate professor who is also a qualified (M.C.H) surgical Gastrocuterologist. Besides these two experienced general and Laproscopic Surgeons .Together the team has successfully performed any advanced G.I. Surgery, Pancreatic Surgery, Cancer Surgery & advanced Laproscopic Surgery. Recently Surgeons of this medical college carried out successfully few complicated Pancreatic Surgeries like whipples Operations, Pancreatic Calculi and APR for Carciroma Rectum

Operation Theatre Complex.

Emergency O.T Complex.

The emergency O.T with one operating room , one pre-operative room and one Post recovery room. recovery rooms are provided with Fowleis Bed with Provision of oxygen and suction making fold systems.

Ground Floor O.T Complex.

The ground floor O.T Complex has 3 operating rooms for general surgery. Gynaecology & Opthalmology. It has also a Pre- operative room with 6 beds, one post-operative room with flower beds & provision of centralized oxyge n & suction manifold system.
All Operating rooms are fitted with state of the art, Hydraulic O.T table 100000,Lux overhead O.T lights with satellites. Imported electrosurgical equipments , multiparameter vital monitor with NIBP facility & Mark II Boyels apparatus, C-arm with facility of digital recording


Sl.No Department Designation Name of the Teaching Faculty Qualification
1 General Surgery     Professor    Dr. Siba Prasad Satpathy MS
2     Assoc. Prof     Dr. Ajit Gopal Samal MS
3     Assoc. Prof     Dr. Debashish Patnaik MS
4     Assoc. Prof     Dr. Gokulananda Sahu MS
5     Asst. Prof.     Dr. Prafulla Ch. Mahapatra MS
6     Asst. Prof.     Dr. Naba Krushna Behera MS
7     Asst. Prof     Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra MS
8     Asst. Prof     Dr. Usat Kumar Patra MS
9     Asst. Prof     Dr. Ashis Kumar MS
10     Sr. Resident     Dr. Nirmalya Nirbisank MS
11     Sr. Resident     Dr. Mummidi Deepti Sureka MS
12     Sr. Resident     Dr. Tribikram Patnaik MBBS
13     Sr. Resident     Dr. Smruti Ranjan Hota DNB
14     Jr. Resident     Dr. Chandra Sekhar Behera MBBS
15     Jr. Resident     Dr. Dharanidhar Singh MBBS
16     Jr. Resident     Dr. Subham Ranjan Narendra MBBS
17     Jr. Resident     Dr. Debasish Meher MBBS
18     Jr. Resident     Dr. Priyaranjan Jena MBBS
19     Jr. Resident     Dr. Jayakrishna Niari MBBS
20     Jr. Resident     Dr. Asit Kumar Pradhan MBBS
21     Jr. Resident     Dr. Laxmi Narayana Naik MBBS

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Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness.

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