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 Hi-tech Medical College and Hospital gives special attention to the treatment and the needs of infants and children .we provide comprehensive health care service to children including Neonatal intensive care and pediatrics intensive care.
We also offer sophisticated technology to children's who are seriously require concrete diagnosis and treatment or need routine care. The pediatrics dept take care of both preventive and curative aspects of child's health. We are giving Round the clock services with competent paediatricians. We are having Out patients clinics, Immunization clinic, Adolescent clinic Asthma clinic, Child rehabilitation , and newborn Clinic.
We are dealing with emergencies, having large scale epidemics. We have well coordinated interdepartmental references, so that any multi systematic complications are completely managed. We also provide new born Nursery care, Parental Service and Counseling.


Sl.No Department Designation Name of the Teaching Faculty Qualification
1 Paediatrics     Professor     Dr. Kedar Shriram Malwatkar MD
2     Assoc. Prof.     Dr. Rudra Narayan Pradhan MD
3     Assoc. Prof.     Dr. Prasant Ku. Sabot MD
4     Asst. Prof     Dr. Arun Sanga MD
5     Asst. Prof     Dr. Biren Kumar Mohanty MD
6     Asst. Prof     Dr. Rajesh Bajaj MD
7     Sr. Resident     Dr. Braja Sundar Swain MD
8     Sr. Resident     Dr. Rakesh Kumar Panigrahi MD
9     Jr. Resident     Dr. Durga Kanta Sahoo MBBS
10     Jr. Resident     Dr. Sunita Swain MBBS
11     Jr. Resident     Dr. Kshtish Ku. Parija MBBS
12     Jr. Resident     Dr. Dhurjati Prasad Mahapatra MBBS

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Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness.

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