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 Radiology provides many benefits for patients and physicians. Basic radiology, like x-rays, allow physicians to see bones and surrounding body parts in order to make a diagnosis, watch the progression of an injury or illness, and guide procedures. Other radiological equipment such as CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds allows physicians to see body tissue in real time. Pictures from CT scans and MRIs can be used to diagnose problems with brain or joint tissues. Ultrasounds are commonly used to monitor pregnancy, but can also be used as a diagnostic tool. A major benefit of radiology is that the procedures do not typically involve much risk. They are relatively painless, fast and non-invasive.
HMCH has sophisticated radio diagnostic equipments and experienced Radiographers and Technicians.

Equipments and Instruments

CT Scan Machine:

  GE Multi Slice CT Scan - 1

Ultasound Machines:

  SIEMENS Sonoline Adra - 1

  WIPRO GE Logic Alpha 100 MP - 1



X-Ray Machines:

  800 MA with Fluoroscopy & II TV Video Camera - 1

  500 MA - 1

  P300 MA - 1

  60 MA Portable - 4

  Conica High Speed Digital X-Ray - 1

  OPG - 1

  Dental X-Ray - 1


Sl.No Department Designation Name of the Teaching Faculty Qualification
1 Radio-Diagnosis Professor & HOD Dr. Saurabh Chaudhuri MD
2 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rajiv S. Nagi MD
3 Asst.Prof. Dr. Bijay Ku. Sahu MD
4 Sr. Resident Dr. Binod Kumar Singh MD
5 Sr. Resident Dr. Hrushikesh Sahoo MD

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